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Shopping list

We continue to receive a number of items that aren’t on our Standard Shopping List (link below). While we are very grateful for everyone’s generosity, we are struggling to manage the number of non-standard items we have received. We therefore politely request that donors avoid giving items that aren’t on our Standard Shopping List unless specifically requested by us.

Please click here to view our Standard Shopping List, which includes all the items we give out in our food packages.


We will also ask for specific items when our stock is running low (Priority List/Getting Low below), at particular times of the year through our Seasonal Activities page or to meet a particular need.


The portacabins which we used at the top of the car park have been removed and our food store has moved to the main church building.  Therefore please now bring any donations of food to the rear door at the side of the church building - there are signs in place to help you find our new store.

Thank you in advance, and also thanks to all our recent donors.

PLEASE NO: perishable food, out-of-date food, alcohol or medicines

​Items can be brought to the foodbank hub accessed to the side of the main church building during Foodbank opening times (but preferably between midday to 1:30pm) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Please also consider donating money instead of food to enable us to buy stock as we need it.

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